About Us

RD4 is a small company developing a new style of 3d printer. Along the way, we have developed new designs for our printers innovate new functions.

Read about how the printer came about here

The first product is nearing launch and we are just finalising the design for the RDB Extruder.
Check out the spec here. Or pre-order at our shop

 The printer is due to be launched  September 2020

If you want to find out more please post your questions on our forum.

We are always looking for feedback and constructive criticism and want to make a printer that you'll desire, check out the spec of the RD4 printer here.

Thanks for your interest.

Guy (The Designer)

Check out the sneak preview of the RD4 at the You Tube 
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Visit us at our shop at www.RD4Printer.com
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Photo updates can be found on RD4's instagram