Thursday 13 February 2020

Directors & Employees Wanted Equity Share

Do you have what it takes?

RD4 is looking to expand its team with 3 new directors & 3 new employees to assist with engineering, finance, marketing and taking us into production.
As are research and development has progressed we are hoping to expand our team to take us to the next stage of this exciting project.
We are looking for enthusiastic individuals to join the team and hit the ground running 
 to assist us to make a big push to expand, manufacture and launch our exciting new 3D printer.  

The engineering post would entail assisting in the manufacture of our new printer and the finance and marketing posts would require financing and marketing of the product and the varied tasks this entails. 

Please apply through Facebook jobs

Engineering Director

Finace Director

Marketing Director

We would be happy to offer a 5% equity stake to each director. 

Help build the future of 3D Printing

   This is a very exciting new project which would lead to to further opportunities within the company as the company grows.

  Interested in assisting the directors Send a quick message, just use the form in the bottom left. We will be involving our new directors in this recruitment phase and will formal post the roles in due course

Electronics & moulding add a new dimension to 3D printing. No longer are they inanimate plastic objects, they're interactive, dynamic and limited only by your imagination.

Still, thinking about it? Feel free to leave your comment or query using the form in the bottom left.
We value your opinion, it will help us become better and we may like it that much we'll want you to work for us.

Help build the future of 3D Printing
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Exciting News

Investor News

We are looking to finance the launch of the printer and will be showing to investors at

After three years of research and development we are excited to announce that we are ready to exhibit our revolutionary new RD4 Printer at the upcoming VFS20 Festival of Innovation on 27 March at the Ageas Bowl, Southampton.

Tuesday 4 February 2020

Back from a Break

Following a really successful TCT Show 2018, RD4 work tirelessly to produce our much talked about working video. 

With all the parts working correctly it was time to up load a simple program, which all works as excepted. With a few parts on order to be ready for the video, it was time to have a holiday and deal with this when I return.

A week skiing they said, yes I said, first day  great some jumps, first set great landed no drama second set, maybe I went a bit fast. Due to my need for speed I had an accident and broke my arm. A very nasty break which stalled the project until I recovered.

As a result  I was not working on the project until Aug 2019 but we're back and making a big push to manufacture and launch product in the very near future.

Please click below for more info:

Please see the video below explaining how the printer works and its functions and how our printer differs from all the others on the market. This is a long video dtailing dseveral other exhibitors at the show but our segment starts 11 mins 47 secs in to 16 mins 58 secs in.

Our official video and demo is currently in production showing the product and its functionality.